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Rashad Richey Pushes for Reform

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Photo Credit: Scott Olson via Getty Images

Photo Credit: Scott Olson via Getty Images

Rashad Richey Rashad Richey
Highly sought after political strategist both domestically &...
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Today the Michael Brown, the 18 year old unarmed teenager from Ferguson, MO, was laid to rest, after being gunned down by police officer Darren Wilson. In preparation for his son’s funeral, his father, Michael Brown Sr., asked for a day of peace while the family and friends of Michael paid their last respects. While the funeral was taking place, host Rashad Richey offered a solution to curb the trend of police brutality against unarmed African-Americans. Joining Rashad in his discussion of proposing legislation for every police officer to where camera’s were State Representatives Billy Mitchell, and Roger Bruce.

Listen below.

Rashad Richey Pushes for Reform

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