Chris Simms: “You Can Tell There’s More Added Incentive On Being Tough”

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(Credit: NFL via Getty Images)

(Credit: NFL via Getty Images)

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Chris Simms of CBS Sports Network and Bleacher Report joins the morning show to discuss the Falcons and the NFL.

Addressing the question of what stands out most about this years Falcons team, Simms replied, “The one things that stands out about the Falcons is the fronts of both sides. You’re talking about one of the worst run defenses and run offenses in the league. To me you can tell there’s a little more added incentive on being tough.”

Giving his assesment of Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan, Simms shared “He certainly has the talent to do it. Mentally he’s a great decision maker, but he needs help. I know he’ll play well, but the run game has to come into factor.”

Speaking on the Wes Welker’s concussion this weekend Chris Simms said “The QB has to be held accountable for the throws they make. So much of Manning’s passes are short and that’s a recipe for disaster.”

Chris Simms

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