Zero to Fun in under 10 seconds!

No, that’s not how fast the Beetle goes from zero to 60….it’s how fast the power top drops.

Hit a stoplight….feel the urge….hit the button….and mere seconds later, you’re rolling topless!

The Beetle has been one of America’s “Cute Convertibles” for years now…and it just keeps getting better.

For ’14, you can have your Beetle convertible in a variety of flavors.

The base 1.8 Turbo with 6-speed auto starts under 26K….and is rated at 24 city and 32 highway MPG.

Want to go faster? VW offers an R-Line with a bigger 2.0 liter turbo, bigger 18” alloys, and a few other niceties for a hair over 30K. The bigger engine will only cost you one MPG. While the base convertible is automatic-only, the R-Line offers you a 6-speed stick if you’d prefer.

Want to go further? The Beetle also comes with WV’s popular 2.0 liter Turbo-Diesel. If you haven’t noticed the increasing number of diesels on the road these days, that’s OK, ‘cause diesels are kinda’ hard to notice these days. Technology has made them quiet and un-smelly….quite an improvement from diesels of old. And when coupled with a Turbo, they go fast, too.

We had one of these diesel Turbos for a week, and it was easy to forget that it was a diesel….except when looking at the in-dash mileage read-out on the computer. While EPA rated to deliver 28 city and 37 highway, I consistently got high 30’s and low 40’s in mixed driving. That’s hybrid-type mileage…but with very respectable performance. Sweet combination ,indeed.

VW’s Turbo diesel Beetle convertible starts at $29,715 including destination charges. We had sound and nav packages which lifted our sticker to $32,015.

Your rear seats are best reserved for packages…altho’ a couple of nimble pre-teens might fit. But for two people looking for some top-down-transport, VW’s Beetle Convertible offers a lot of sun and a good dose of fun for the dollar.


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