Roland Martin: Is The Federal Government Stepping In Helping Or Hurting The Cause?

The ongoing coverage of the incidents in Ferguson, MO surrounding Mike Brown has moved to day 11 since his untimely death, but unfortunately, it is not the only case that is still creating waves across the nation. In New York, Eric Garner’s death by a chokehold from a police officer is being taken to a grand jury. In Ohio, John Crawford III being shot & killed by police for having a toy rifle in Wal-Mart, which occurred only days before Brown’s death. And most recently, Ezell Ford of California, also unarmed like Brown, died two days after him. Ford had a mental illness and family members state that he was complying and lying on the ground where reports from the LAPS state that Ford “struggled with officers and was trying to grab one of their guns when he was shot.” The underlying roar is that the targets of these African American men, all dead due to police brutality.

In the case of Eric Garner, the District Attorney announced that a grand jury is being given evidence for the case. Roland Martin spoke to the Garner family attorney and asked today’s question: “What do you make of the calls for federal intervention in police shootings of Black men?”

Listen to his interview with the Garner family attorney & reaction from listeners below:

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