9-Year-Old Struck By Lightning Sitting On Couch

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – A 9-year-old boy said he was struck by lightning and thrown off the couch.

Deandre Connell said he was doing his homework Monday evening when a bolt of lightning struck a tree outside the living room window. He was blown off the couch when the current traveled through the ground.

“It was really scary,” Deandre Connell told WGCL. “It started raining, and lightning was everywhere and it came through the window and struck my leg and I fell on the ground. Then I threw up everywhere and my leg started to hurt.”

His mother, Rhea Connell, explained that she rushed to call 911, but the phone was dead.

The electricity was knocked out from the powerful charge. The lightning also fried their television sets.

His mother told WGCL that she was standing next to her son when she saw the flash, heard the boom and then witnessed her son thrown off the couch.

“The current went right through his leg,” Rhea Connell shared with WGCL. “He was lucky he didn’t get burnt. It hit the couch and bounced off and started going through his leg.”

First responders arrived and were able to stabilize her son after she called them. They took the fourth-grader to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Egleston where he was checked out and released.

“He will have pain off and on,” his mother told WGCL.

He shared that he was excited to get back to school and that he didn’t think the story was something he wanted to tell his friends.

“I was thinking ‘how did I survive that?'” he told WGCL.


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