COKER, AL (CBS Atlanta) – An Alabama woman is claiming that she’s been without running water for four years.

Sheila Davis explained that she travels over 30 miles to fill up dozens of milk jugs to cook and clean with, WBRC reported. She said that she uses only two gallons of water a day for a bath.

“I heat one then put one in for cold because I can’t use anymore because water is so precious. Every drop,” Davis told WBRC.

The woman has been told that she would have to pay roughly $20,000 to have water lines built to her home off of Highway 82 because the Coker Water Authority said it doesn’t have the money to do it.

“I’ve begged for water. I don’t think anybody should have to beg for water,” Davis shared with WBRC.

Davis, who is a recent cancer survivor, also said that she is on a fixed income.

“It was a lot easier for me to have the cancer fixed than it is to turn on a faucet and get a glass of water,” Davis told WBRC.

Millard Evans, a longtime board member, has been trying to help Davis, but said that other board members don’t care about the shocking situation. Evans explained that the water authority does have the money to build the water lines.

“This is a public water system and it’s our obligation to help anybody out that doesn’t have water,” Evans told WBRC.

“I’d love to have a water bill because I know if I get a water bill, I’ve got running water in my house … and that would be the most blessing,” Davis added.

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