Roland Martin: What Do You Make Of The #Ferguson Situation?

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News One Now with Roland Martin
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This past weekend, one news story broke that is the forefront of America’s mind, especially in the urban community, another African-American unarmed youth found shot & killed. An 18 year old, college bound, Michael “Mike” Brown was gunned down by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The mostly black community is north of downtown St. Louis. The police and witnesses have two different accounts of what happened, but what isn’t debated is the fact that Brown was unarmed and lied in the street for several hours before he was removed from the scene. Since then, social media has been crucial in finding updates & also for those expressing their frustration using the tags, #Ferguson & #RIPMikeBrown.

Today, Jeff Johnson sat in for Roland Martin and he had several listeners that were riled up about this headline, enough to call in with very passionate views. Listen to excerpts from the interview below.

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roland martin Roland Martin: What Do You Make Of The #Ferguson Situation?
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