Keepin’ It Real with Al Sharpton: Policing in Black America

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Farewell to Eric Garner dies after police intervention in New York
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On today’s Hot Button Monday, Reverend Al Sharpton discussed police brutality along with his guest, Dr. Ofari Hutchinson. On August 9th, 17-year old Michael Brown was shot multiple times by a police officer in St. Louis, even though he was unarmed. On July 17th, Eric Garner was placed in an illegal choke hold by police which led to his death. In the wake of all the recent police brutality cases, Reverend Sharpton is asking for a call to action. Sharpton along with his National Action Network plans to fight for justice and put an end to police brutality.

How do you feel about the multiple police brutality cases? Do you feel racism is the driving force behind these cases? Log on to to live stream the Keeping It Real w/ Al Sharpton Show or call Reverend Al live @ 1-877 532-5797 and join the conversation.


ericgarner Keepin It Real with Al Sharpton: Policing in Black America
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