The Frontlines of the Ebola Virus

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Ebola Africa
Rashad Richey Rashad Richey
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Dr. Patricia Riley, missionary to Liberia, West Africa for the past 14 years, spoke with WAOK’s Rashad Richey about the Ebola epidemic across West Africa. Dr. Riley was stationed in West Africa until May 2014, just before the disease started to spread rampant. She gave us insight into how the psychological environment of West Africa progressively changed as the seriousness of the virus increased.  As of Wednesday, the Ebola virus has claimed at least 932 lives. The second American to contract the disease arrived in Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon and was admitted to Emory University Hospital. ​

The Frontlines of the Ebola Virus

rashadricheycropped The Frontlines of the Ebola Virus
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