“coddled”….per Webster: “to treat tenderly; tend to indulgently; pamper”…..and that pretty much sums up the mission of Hyundai’s top-of-the line Equus.

Now in it’s 4th year, the ’14 Equus has pretty much thought of everything…and delivers it for under $70,000…including destination fees.

Let’s start with propulsion. The Equus comes with only one engine…a big 429 HP V-8 running through an 8-speed auto. It’s a mild-mannered combination until you really step on it….and then the Equus will run with the big dogs.

Mileage is rated at 15 city and 23 highway…your choice of using regular or premium. Go with the high-octane punch and you’ll get to enjoy ALL of those 429 horses. We got between 20 and 21 in our freeway / city commute.

But mileage is probably not high on the Equus’ buyers checklist.

Features and amenities, on the other hand, would be.

And special touches are things in which the Equus excels.

While a base Equus starts at 61K plus….we had the $7,000 “Ultimate” Package…which truly brought us just about everything.

And “everything” will take a while to list: Glove-soft heated and cooled leather not only in the front, but for your outboard riders in the back, too. Plus the rears have power lumbar…they recline…and they have side and rear sunscreens….plus 9.2 inch screens built into the back of the front-seat headrests. In other words, pretty much everything you need to roll up to the Oscars in style.

Add a height-adjustable ride…higher to help avoid parking lot curbs…lower for better MPH on the highway….and 19” alloys. Plus a 17-speaker, 598 watt audio system, 3-zone heat and AC…360 degree view cameras, around-the-corner cams, a big 12.3” screen on the dash, heads-up windshield display, intelligent speed / braking control and auto door closure.

The Equus was perhaps the softest riding car I’ve tested in the past several years, but it’s a controlled softness….perfect for pot-holed streets, but composed on the highway. It’s a perfect combination for a luxury vehicle. Want more of a sport sedan? Just push a button. “Sport” changes the whole character of this ride. The suspension firms up and your shift points are changed for maximum performance…however at a cost of maybe one or two MPG.

Even the lane departure warning in the Equus is soft and muted. It gives you a gentle tug on your seatbelt vs an annoying buzz.

Speaking of “annoying”….service can be annoying….having to take your vehicle in for a simple oil change and having to wait for an hour or so….right?

Well, the Equus has you covered there, too. Just tap your phone or I-Pad and Hyundai will send someone over to pick up your vehicle and take it in for you…leaving you a clean loaner. Then they’ll return your serviced vehicle to you…washed, of course.

Some vehicle somewhere has more features and amenities than does the Equus. But none can match the Equus’ sub-70k price.



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