Luxury, Utility…and a good dose of Economy, too!

While the name QX is new, Infiniti’s QX60 has been on the market since 2012. It was formerly known as the JX. And in its third year of production, the QX60 remains one of the most family-friendly vehicles on the market.

I usually like to talk about driving dynamics…and there’s plenty to say there…but the distinguishing feature of Infiniti’s QX60 seems to be its easy-access three-row seating.

While many…some would even say most…three-row SUVs relegate that third row to youngsters or teens, Infiniti has designed a novel sliding flip-up second row that can slide and flip even with two child seats strapped into the second row. Now even Gram and Gramps can almost walk into the third row with nary a grunt or groan. And when the third row is uninhabited, the second row can slide back and recline…giving your passengers back there better-than-limo room.

And it’s not only room that they’ll have back there. They’ll also have their own moonroof. And since our test QX came with a $1,700 Theatre Package and a $3,450 Deluxe Touring Package, your rear seat passengers will have dual 7” color monitors back there, two wireless headphones with remotes, auxiliary input jacks and a 120v power outlet…along with outboard heated leather seating.
Again…family hauling in style is the QX60’s forte.

In theory, you can get a new QX60 for just a hair over 43K. Most will come with at least a few packages…..and the QX60 is the kind of ride that you’ll probably want to get optioned-up. We had every package offered…plus optional all-wheel-drive…and we were still just a couple hundred over $57,000.

Optioned out with everything, Infiniti’s QX60 can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any competitor out there…including all those guys from Europe.

Power comes from a 3.5 liter V6 pumping out 265 HP. Frankly it feels like a bit more than that….probably because I drove it in “Sport” most of the time.
In most vehicles, “sport” will simply keep you in a lower gear…which is fine for acceleration, but not so hot for gas mileage.

Infiniti’s continuously variable transmission, however, is geared for low-speed “go”….but it revs on the highway at the same low, good-gas RPMs as it does in “normal”….giving you performance and decent gas mileage at the same time.

Mileage is rated at 20 city and 26 highway with two-wheel drive. With the $1,400 optional all-wheel-drive, it knocks it down just one MPG.

We seemed to average 22-24 in our AWD tester in mixed driving….with a high of 26 in a 60-mph early-morning expressway commute.

Handling is quite good for an SUV….with the QX60 pretty much being right-sized for city traffic and mall parking. Plus, you can actually get the QX60 into your garage without cleaning it out first.

As for the heated and cooled leather, twin moonroofs, 20” alloys, Bose Surround Sound, backup and lane-departure warnings, intelligent brake assist, intelligent speed control, distance control, power lumbar ,hard-drive nav, voice recognition, Zagat restaurant guide, around-view monitor with front and rear sensors and motion detectors….these are all features that we’ve come to expect with the average luxury vehicle.

However for Infiniti to deliver all these for $57K and give you low to mid-twenty MPG’s in a reasonably fun-to-drive vehicle is an accomplishment worth checking out for yourself.



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