THOMASVILLE, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – A homeless man was stabbed after he says he told the suspect requesting a cigarette that he needed Jesus.

Danny Robinson was standing outside of Green Food Mart late Sunday night when a man approached him asking for a cigarette.

Robinson, who is homeless, told the man that he would not give him a cigarette and that he needed Jesus, WALB reported. The man become angry and broke a beer bottle and reportedly stabbed Robinson with it.

“And he didn’t like that so he said [expletive], female dog, and all that,” Robinson told WALB.

He explained that the physical pain of what happened to him wasn’t what hurt the most.

“People were like that man just stood there, the bottle was broke on him and he didn’t say ouch or fall or nothing.”

The man responsible for the crime is still being sought by police.

“We were given a slight description of the gentleman who may have cut the gentleman, but at this time we’re still investigating trying to locate the suspect,” Lt Eric Hampton with Thomasville Police told WALB.

Robinson think that the man was drunk when he stabbed him. He shared that he doesn’t regret telling his attacker that he needed Jesus.

“See because if you’re going to be bold then you’re going to take whatever is going to happen,” Robinson explained to WALB.


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