Roland Martin: “Why Do We Insist On Watching ‘Ratchet Reality’ TV?”

Today on #NewsOneNow, Roland Martin questions why our society insists on watching “ratchet” television shows. In this day and age we love to watch drama unfold across the screen, especially if the word “reality” is attached to it. The sex tapes, scandals, and violence on these shows seem to humor and entertain the millions of viewers each week. Some people question if these reality shows are harming our society or just pure entertainment.

Mona Scott Young is known for creating one of these hit reality shows,Love & Hip Hop, which takes us through the drama-filled lives of a few entertainers based in New York and Atlanta. Some respect Young for her creation, others blame her for the negative portrayal of African-Americans in our society. One listener points the blame at Young, but Roland Martin replies, “Mona Scott is essentially the drug dealer on the corner–but she don’t run the cartel.”

What do you think of the “ratchet reality” shows controversy? Click the audio link to hear the interesting debate. Log on to to listen or join the conversation by calling Roland Martin live at 1-877-373-9766

Roland Martin: Why Do We Insist On Watching Ratchet Reality TV?

dsc 0498 1 Roland Martin: Why Do We Insist On Watching Ratchet Reality TV?
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