A baby is now safe with her grandmother after being left in a car outside the Clayton County Courthouse Monday.

A good Samaritan named Phoebe Fletcher saw the baby and rescued it from the car after the child’s father left it in the car because the thought babies were not allowed in court.

“The windows were locked, so I kind of got one of the windows down and I just took her; took her the diaper bag,” said Fletcher.

Courthouse sources say the father of the child, Courtney Kidd, tried to take the baby out of the car seat and run it and the baby through security scanners.

“I’ve been in my car for the last five minutes and I’m perspiring and my body is overheated, so you can imagine how hot it was for the 3-month-old child who was left in [this] car,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher said she watched as Kidd took the child back to the car and locked it inside and cracked the windows. Fletcher ultimately went and unlocked the door and took the baby inside.

Phoebe Fletcher says she did what she hopes anyone would do.

“I have a daughter and I would never leave my baby in the car and I wouldn’t leave anybody else’s either,” said Fletcher.

Kidd is now facing child cruelty charges.


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