Atlanta Braves TV Analyst for Fox Sports South, Joe Simpson, joined the show to discuss the Atlanta Braves, Homerun Derby, and the All-Star Game.

When asked how important was the week going into the All-Star game was, Simpson answered “John Smoltz described it best. The two weeks going in and coming out are vital to your season. There may be some mental fatigue. The club won 9 in a row and dropped 3 in a row, hopefully that’s over tonight.” Simpson also shared his thoughts on MLB marketing the All-Star game earlier. “From a promotional standpoint, major leaugue baseball likes to throw it out there. Theres a lot going on and it could be a distaction” said Simpson

Asked if he believed any Braves were snubbed from this year’s All- Star team, Joe Simpson responded, “I think Evan (Gattis) would’ve been if he were’nt on the DL list. I also think Jason Heyward was worthy unfortunately his average wasn’t high enough and the same for Simmons.”

Joe Simpson also shared why he believed most players don’t want to participate in the Homerun Derby and what he’d change about the All-Star game. “Just changing your swing, Tt’s not like a round of batting practice. It has affected some guys as it took them a while to get their swing bag. A second concern would be injury.” said Simpson “There’s a lot of things I’d change about the All-Star game. In the HR Derby cut it down. I have a fundamental problem with the all-star game as it’s a game that counts. If it’s gonna count let the players pick the starters and let the fans pick the rest.”


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