Thieves Make Clean Getaway From CVS With Thousands In Hygiene Products

Sandy Springs, Ga. (CBS ATLANTA) — Three men made a clean getaway after stealing $2,000 in soaps, toothpastes and other personal hygiene items from a Sandy Springs CVS store.

According to Sandy Springs police, the three men simply walked right out of the store and past cashiers with the personal care products – leaving fellow customers and local police equally baffled by the soap-snatching crime.

“They just walked in the store and casually grabbed as much personal care items, toothpaste, soap, items like that,” Sgt. Ron Momon of the Sandy Springs Police Department told WSB-TV. “It’s kind of unusual to walk in and grab that much in personal care items and then walk out of the store.

“Someone saw them walking out, but I’m sure they didn’t want to confront three guys walking out with items,” said Momon.

Police are offering a reward for the bath product bandits, but customers and police varied in their opinions of the clean-up crime.

Customer Chris Lusted told WSB he wondered if the men were simply clean freaks.

“I guess they were dirty and needed a shower,” he said.

“My first guess would be, they’re taking care of a lot of people?” Memri Lerch told WSB. “There are so many jokes.”

Sgt. Momon added: “I’d really like to know myself what they did with these items.”


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