Brandi Chastain: “Soccer Is No Different Than Any Other Sport In Our Country”

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(Credit: Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images)

(Credit: Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images)

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Olympic and World Cup Champion, Brandi Chastain, joins the show to discuss Brazil vs Germany in the World Cup and the incline in popularity for the sport of soccer.

When asked “if this was the year for soccer to take off in America”, Brandi answered “If we look back to 1999 there was no social media. The MLS has now been around for 15yrs. When I was growing up soccer was played by immigrants and now my kids will know it as an American sport. Soccer is no different than any other sport in our country”.

Brandi also shared her opinion on the match up between Brazil and Germany.”There will be some chatter of Neymar and Silva not playing in the game, but they have very talented bench. There’s a lot of great stories and hopefully it will be about who’s playing and not in the game”, said Chastain “I like Brazil because they’re at home. Even though Naymar is great, they’ll show they are bigger than a player.”

Brandi Chastain

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