The story of the day comes from Thomaston, Georgia. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is reviewing an incident involving a Thomaston Police Officer and 25-year old Kelcey Rockemore.

On June 14, 2014, Officer Phillip Tobin stopped Rockmore as he was leaving a convenience store. Surveillance footage shows a short exchange between the two, then Tobin starts pushing Rockemore towards the store. Next thing you see is Tobin pulling out his taser and shocking Rockemore, causing him to fall to the ground. After the incident,  Officer Tobin made a statement, saying the young man was trying to sell drugs to customers in front of the store and that he made threats to the store manager. However, the witness, who happens to be the store owners son,  said they had no problems with Rockemore and that the statements the officer made was false. When the story made headline news, more people came forth stating that they too were harassed and assaulted by the same officer.

So to put a stop to this man’s terror, the city of Thomaston Georgia is asking for our help. Tomorrow starting at 7 P.M.,  join Derrick Boazman as he travels to Thomaston to attend  “A Rally Against Fear and Intimidation About Police Misconduct.” It will take place at the city hall court-house steps, which is located at the Thomaston-Upson Government Complex. The full address is 106 East Lee St., Thomaston, GA 30286. The drive is about an hour and 15 minutes, so car pooling is suggested.

If you missed the interview of Kelcey Rockmore on Too Much Truth, take a listen below.

Rally in Thomaston GA


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