So I got out of a Porsche 911 and into a 4-cylinder Camry.

Huge letdown?   Big Bummer?   No….not really.

More like the difference in changing out of an Armani suit into a comfortable pair of jeans.

The Camry is “friendly”.   It’s a predictable, no-drama vehicle that you can count on to take care of you for years….if not decades.

Camrys these days come in about as many flavors as does Baskin Robbins.

They’re all 4-doors with ample room for four…and decent room for five….and a trunk big enough to carry as much as most folks’ paychecks will allow them to buy.

A basic “L” with a four-cylinder, auto, air and wheel covers will start in the low $20’s.

An “LE” with a few more features will run only a few hundred more.

The “SE” is their “Sport” model….although “Sport” may be overstating things a bit.   What you do get, tho’, is a competent and well-optioned sedan with a firmer suspension, paddle-shifters, keyless entry, 18” alloys, a subtle spoiler on the trunk, and fog lights.

Opt for an XLE with leather and a six, and you’ll be north of 30K.

Then there’s the hybrids…………….

Again, you can get a Camry in just about any flavor that you’d like.

The basic 4-cylinder with 6-speed auto delivers enough “go” to chirp the tires, and 25 city / 35 hwy mpg numbers…..all on regular gas.

It’s a quiet highway cruiser, too.

Toyota does interiors as well as, if not better than a number of their competitors.

Our test SE came with a two-tone perforated faux suede interior, with soft-touch surfaces covering all your major touch-points..   It’s attractive and looks like it’ll be long-lasting, too.

Toyota’s ’15 Camry, due out this fall, will be re-styled and injected with an additional dose of handling prowess….so say the early reviews.DSCN6001DSCN5996DSCN5998DSCN5999DSCN5993DSCN5994

So…if you want the very latest, just wait a few months.   But if you like the Camry just as it is….and millions do…..take advantage of the coming redesign and score yourself an above-average year-end deal on the ‘14’s.   Either way you win.


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