Justice for Baby Bou Bou

On May 28th, the Phonesavanh Family experienced the unthinkable. 18 month old Bounkham, better known as “Baby Bou Bou”,  was victim of a botched drug  raid in Habersham County, Georgia.  He suffered from extensive 3rd degree burns from a stun grenade thrown in his crib. There were no arrests made nor any drugs found during the time of the police invasion.

Marcus Coleman spoke with  Baby Bou Bou’s mother, Alecia, about the unfair treatment they received by the police. “They (police) have not shown any remorse or compassion,” Alecia says. Since the incident, the frail toddler has been hospitalized and placed in a medically induced coma. He is in critical condition.

To make a donation to the Phonesavanh Family, go to any Wells Fargo and give the name: “Bounkham Phonesavanh”. People can show their support for the family by participating in the rally for justice that will be held Saturday, June 14th at noon on 55 Monroe Street, Clarksville, GA 30523.

Click the audio link to hear the conversation:

Justice For Baby Bou Bou

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Baby Bounkham "Little Bou Bou"  Phonesavahn photo provided by Marcus Coleman

Baby Bounkham “Little Bou Bou”
Phonesavahn photo provided by Marcus Coleman

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