Eric Wynalda, Technical Director of the Atlanta Silverbacks and former United States men’s national soccer team player, joins the show to discuss the 2014 World cup.

Jason asked Eric, “How do you watch soccer?” and Eric answered, “Football and Soccer are different in one way. Most people watch the Super Bowl from their house, soccer people find a pub or a bar. They find a place where there’s 150-250 people congregating around one little tv. It’s the stupidest thing in the world, but the way you watch it is to join parties.”

When asked about the US Men’s Soccer coach, Jurgen Klinsmann’s comments about the US team having no shot at winning the World Cup, Eric responded with ” You’re not American, what was that all about? Even if we don’t have a chance, why not be delusional? No matter what he said, he’s gonna get criticized for that. I didn’t appreciate the comments. It was very Un-American”.

Eric Wynalda also addressed why Landon Donovan shouldn’t have been left off the US soccer team. Eric said, “First of all it was personal. Not a lot of people want to say that, but sometimes when you have two huge egos in a room, that’s exactly what we’re dealing with, Klinsmann has probably the biggest ego than any soccer personality that I’ve ever been around and Landon Donovan plays it off well with that big smile and all that stuff. This whole decision has nothing to do with Landon Donovan and is all about Jurgen Klinsmann.”

Eric spoke on the U.S. chances at the World Cup and how the U.S. performance in this World Cup will determine Klinsmann’s future on the team’s sidelines. He finishes up discussing the alleged “No Sex” policy that a lot of World Cup teams are enforcing and how realistic that really is.


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