Sam Mitchell: “When You’re Hired As Head Coach, These Are About Relationships”

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(Credit: Doug Benc/Getty Images)

(Credit: Doug Benc/Getty Images)

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Sam Mitchell joins the show to discuss Gm 3 of the NBA Finals.

Jason Bailey asked Coach if he had in fact taken the Timberwolves assistant job that was reported on twitter and Sam replied, “Until you hear from my mouth, it’s just people talking. Right now there’s nothing to say.” basically putting the kabash to that rumor for now.

He addresses why he hasn’t got a NBA head coaching job yet and if he feels he’s been blackballed by the NBA, Mitchell said,” When you’re hired as a head coach, these are about relationships. This is not about looking at a resume it’s about relationships”.

He also discussed why the NBA is appearing to go younger with the coaches they hire and if he thinks he will be coaching again the future.

Sam Mitchell

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