Passenger Pushes Senior Citizen Off MARTA Train

Reports of a video posted online of an elderly man being thrown off a MARTA train on June 7 have police investigating the incident.

The cellphone footage shows an elderly man speaking as he is sitting near a train entrance door. Allegedly, he was making disrespectful statements about women.

Almost a minute into the video, another passenger picks up and throws the elderly man’s walker. Shortly after when the train stops, the passenger pushes the older man off the train.

Witnesses say the man fell once he was pushed off the train.

MARTA has police investigating the incident and have no further comment until more details are discovered.

  • Elderly Man Pushed Out Of Atlanta Train [Video]

    […] News, the elderly man was “making derogatory comments” about several female passengers. Following a verbal confrontation, the younger man reportedly grabbed the older man’s walker and pushed him out the […]

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