Former Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks DE and current VP of Player Benefits and NFL Legends operations within the league’s player engaement program, Patrick Kearney joins the show to discuss his involvement with the NFL and their workshops on conduct in the NFL locker room.

Kerney shared “I’m one of three former NFL players that will be part of this. We understand that we’re talking to adults and we can’t expect to dictate and change behavior in an hour. We hope that guys recognize that the bubble inside of an NFL locker room is becoming much clearer than it was even five years ago.”

He discusses the fine line between what’s normal hazing vs where Incognito/Martin crossed the line. “Carrying a veteran’s shoulder pads from practice is a far cry of what went on between Incognito and Martin. The vulgarity of it was absurd”, said Kerney.

He spoke on the treatment he got as a rookie with the Falcons and some of the things he had to do. He also discusses why at the end of the day we need this to happen and how important it is nowadays for the NFL to protect its brand.


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