Today we heard the good news that the missing Morehouse student, Ben Jones, was found and returned to his family this morning. However, DB learned today that a young college student from Minnesota has taken her own life.

College freshman, Alyssa Funke, was found dead after a self inflected gun shot wound to the head. The story is that she was being cyber bullied by her peers after auditioning for porn.

Earlier this year, the young woman flew to Los Vegas to try out for an adult movie, thinking that she could be famous. Her planned backfired when the audition footage was posted on the internet, allowing everyone to see. She was then taunted and bullied on social media, which lead to her decision to purchase a gun, go to the family boat and commit suicide.

Today on Too Much Truth, DB asked a very important question. What if this was your daughter? Would you push her away or would you try to help her learn from her mistakes that may have damaging consequences. If you missed the show, click on the links below.


alyssa1 Too Much Truth   Teen Shoots Herself After Making Adult Movie


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