Years ago…well, decades ago…Lincoln had swagger.

It was a large, muscular, upscale, fat-cat-mobile.

Tony Soprano probably would have driven one back in the day.

Well, folks….Lincoln might be back…..largely thanks to cars like the MKZ.

One reason is that this vehicle flat out hustles….but more on that in a moment.

The MKZ is Lincoln’s mid-sized luxury offering…altho’ it feels full-sized….fully able to carry 5 passengers and a bunch of stuff without straining.

Lincoln figures that the MKZ’s main competition is Lexus’ ES 350 and Infiniti’s new Q50.

It stands out from its’ competition in styling….more aerodynamically “swoopy” not as chiseled and angular as Cadillac’s CTS for example.   The roofline even has a little current model Jaguar in it, it seems to me.

Suspension-wise, the MKZ is well-connected to the road.   In fact, it rides a bit more firmly that you might expect in a luxury ride.

In amenities, the MKZ holds up well in comparison.   Its’ $35,190 list includes all the soft perforated leather and luxury that you’d expect…and comes with a 240 hp 2.0 Turbo 4 rated at 22 mpg city and 33 highway….all flowing through a 6-speed auto.

Our test car, however, came with Lincoln’s big 3.7 liter V-6 turbo, which puts out 300 HP.   This $1,200 upgrade gives the MKZ serious hustle.   In FWD form, it’s good for 19 city and 28 hwy.   We had the $1,890 AWD option, rated at 18 city and 26 hwy.

So the 3.7 liter MKZ, like Lincolns of old, can go like stink.   What it also offers today is a trunk full of technology.   Forget transmission shifter stalks….or even the console-mounted dials that some have gone to….the MKZ makes due with simple dash-mounted pushbuttons.

Then there’s Fords SYNCH which offers voice-activated almost everything.

Adding a $5,375 package to the MKZ of your choice gives you just about every premium luxury / safety feature that you’d expect on any truly upscale vehicle these days.   You get rear-view parking cam, parking sensors, blind-spot monitors, 19” alloys, cross-traffic monitors, heated steering wheel, heated rear seats and upgraded audio.DSCN5920DSCN5923DSCN5924DSCN5918DSCN5919DSCN5926

Load up an MKZ with just about everything and you’ll be in the low 40’s.   Not bad for a vehicle with literally just about everything. And, until they get a few more of these on the road, you’ll have a distinctive ride that will stand out from the crowd….and draw a crowd!


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