MONTGOMERY, AL (CBS Atlanta) – A parent is angry after her son’s teacher allegedly called the student the “N-word” on a recording.  

The mother, only identified by her last name Bailey, told WSFA that she’s heartbroken and upset about how her son’s math teacher treated him at school. She said that the teacher gave her son, who is a straight A honor student at Jefferson Davis High School, an unfair grade and also publicly berated him in front of a classroom of other students.

Bailey’s son received a 23 out of 100 on an assignment and said his math teacher, Dalsity Pinkston, wouldn’t answer his questions when he tried to inquire about the grade.

The school’s principal explained to Bailey that Pinkston admitted to “simply making up the grade,” WSFA reported.

“The principal stated that she just put a grade in, which is unethical and at the same time it was a 23, so she’s not there to help a student, why hurt one,” Bailey told WSFA.

Bailey’s son approached Pinkston in the classroom and heard the teacher making crude, hateful comments about him in front of numerous other students. He began to record the teacher on his cell phone.

“He’s a f***** a** boy. Ask him. I’ll tell her in the conference,” the teacher allegedly stated on the recording WSFA obtained.

The recording continues with the teacher reporting saying, “Kalin such a b**** a** ni****.” The teacher also threatens violence on the recording by stating, “I’m so ready cause I’m gonna smash her g** a** son in the face. F***** lies.”

The principal heard the recording and promised Bailey that Pinkston would be placed on administrative leave, but according to Bailey, the teacher was teaching again on Wednesday, WSFA reported.

Montgomery Public School System told WSFA the teacher’s contract will not be renewed for next year.

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