Jack Burkman: “Values In This Nation Have Been Going Down For Decades”

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(Credit: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

(Credit: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

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Washington DC Lobbyist Jack Burkman joins the show again to discuss his plans to protest the Rams and Visa for drafting and endorsing Michael Sam respectively.

Burkman speaking on Michael Sam and his boyfriend kissing after it was announced that the St. Louis rams drafted him in the 7th round said “It reminded me of my commitment to launch a boycott of the team that drafted him and a boycott of Visa for sponsoring him.”

Burkman went on to share “I have some information we can make public for the first time today. Our organization in 31 states, now exceeds one million people, and four hundred thousand of them are willing to sell their Visa stock.”

When asked if he’d add Oprah Winfrey to his list of people to boycott since she’s doing a documentary of Michael Sam, Burkman said ” No we’re not adding Oprah to the list. We have no fear, the owner of the Rams is worth more than Oprah!”

Burkman went on to add “When people see what Christians will do to the Rams and Visa, this will never happen again in professional sports because owners everywhere will be terrified of the outcome”.

“Micheal Sam gets every break there is and Tim Tebow gets crushed because of his religion”, Jack Burkman replied when asked if he thought Tim Tebow was out of the league due to his religion.

Washington DC Lobbyist Jack Burkman

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