Former Falcons RB Jamal Anderson joins the show to discuss the Falcons draft picks and the 2014 draft. Speaking on the lack of running backs drafted, Jamal said “The last couple of years have certainly been different for running backs. The reality is there wasn’t this break away star running back in the draft”.

He also discussed why he is so high on the Falcons first round pick Jake Matthews. “You have a hundred million dollar QB that got racked last year, obviously you need to tighten up the O-line.” says Anderson, “The way he played at Texas A&M I think the guy is gonna be protecting Matt Ryan for a decade”.

He also weighs in on Michael Sam and ESPN’s coverage of the draft. “It was a momentous occasion, first openly gay player in the NFL, and now it’s like can you hit, can you tackle, are you good a sacking the QB? That’s all we want to talk about now! Can you play football?”


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