As I interviewed Nigerian born Prince Koya Olateru, it became painfully obvious the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan responded to the kidnapping of over 200 young Nigerian girls too late. He chose not to publicly respond until 2 weeks after the mass abduction and critics claim President Jonathan even attempted to downplay the entire incident. These precious children were taken by a group of Islamist extremist madmen known as Boko Haram. Now it has sparked international criticism of President Goodluck Jonathan and support for the missing girls. The terrorist group leader has vowed to sell the Nigerian girls on the open market thus fueling an empire of child rape, molestation and slavery.

President Obama sent advisors to the region and Secretary of State John Kerry stated we would assist in any way possible with the Nigerian government. Additionally, I think we should utilize every resource available; intelligence, drones, diplomacy and military action if warranted.

With Atlanta being ranked the #1 city in the US for human trafficking according to a federally funded study SUGGEST, it’s probable some of these young girls will find their way to our backyard! This evil enterprise is fueled by consumers. It’s not a victimless crime when men step outside of their marriage and pick up a “quickee” on Fulton Industrial Blvd, Metropolitan Pkwy, etc….. Your “lady of the night” may very well be underage, a slave or both!  We need to deal with Boko Haram in a radical way but first let’s deal with home in a radical way as well.  I’m all for sending Boko Haram to the special place in hell they deserve. Their pillaging and brutality should be condemned by the world, especially those of Muslim faith. Bringing awareness to this underground industry domestically and internationally will lead to a better educated population. It’s time to shed light on the unknown dangers of this enterprise.

Let’s not rest until Boko Haram is dealt with ACCORDINGLY!

Written By: Rashad Richey

Check out my interview with Nigerian Born Prince Koya Olateru below.


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