Herman Edwards: “The Falcons Have The Ability To Maneuver”

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(Credit: G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images)

(Credit: G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images)

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ESPN NFL analyst Herman Edwards joins the show to discuss the 2014 NFL Draft.

Edwards says he can’t wait until the draft is over and  had fun with the guys speaking on the endless mock drafts available.

Edwards addressed the Falcons defensive and offensive needs and says Khalil Mack would be a great defensive fit.

“10 picks for the Falcons so they have the ability to maneuver” said Edwards, “you want to make sure you get it correct so you won’t have to go to free agency to get older players”.

Edwards said when he was coaching, he told all his coaches to gather info and don’t give any out.  Edwards shared “by today and tomorrow you’ll get with your coaches to discuss guys in the 5-7 round”.

Brandon Carr fell to him in the late round with this strategy.

Herman Edwards

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