Clemson Tigers Head Football Coach, Dabo Swinney, joins the show to discuss the 2014 NFL Draft and the group which filed a complaint against him and his program due to the installment of religion in the locker room.

Swinney shared, “This doesn’t come from any of our players. It comes from a group in Wisconsin that wanted to push their agenda. We don’t force anything on anybody except they have to go to class”.

He discusses what his role as a head coach and a Christian and how he approaches religion in the locker room. “You have to be who you are in living your life” said Coach Swinney. “I have to be a Christian in everything i do. It’s not my job to save people, it’s my job to win football games. I Don’t know why they came at us, but I take it as a compliment”.

“Heading to NY tomorrow to be with Sammy (Watkins).You get 10 guys to have an opportunity to go to the NFL is a big deal. Our guys a prepared for whatever comes next.” said Coach Swinney as he discusses what it’s like for some of his former guys who will be drafted heading into the NFL Draft.

He also talks about some of the mistakes NFL teams could be making by judging a player like Taj Boyd based on things like height and not just on the productivity on the field. Swinney added “What does the film say what is his track record? Taj Boyd can throw it anywhere. One of the biggest reasons Watkins will be drafted high is he had a quarterback like Taj Boyd”.

Watch the interview above or listen to it below:



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