Too Much Truth – Sterling Gets Banned!

Well there you have it folks. Donald Sterling gets banned from the NBA for his racial comments. He can no longer participate in NBA meetings, attend any Los Angeles Clipper games and has to pay a fine of 2 million dollars. There is also the possibility that he will have to give up ownership of the franchise. NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver made the announcement today during a press conference. If you missed it, check it out below.

So today on Too Much Truth, DB asked the real question. Is his punishment enough? Even though he lost his privileges to the NBA, Sterling is still a billionaire, and until he relinquish his ownership of the team he will still reap the benefits of the games, especially if they win the championship. So was justice served in the fight against racism, or was a move for the NBA to protect their investment? During the discussion DB also talked to an entertainment/sports attorney, Tiffany Porter, to give her take on the on the scandal.

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