As we approach our statewide Georgia elections for 2014, many of you are asking: Vote for what?

And to some degree I can understand your cynicism with the electorate process. Many times our immediate concerns are either unspoken by mainstream candidates or unchanged after the election is final.  In the midst of public sector corruption and political “flip –flops,” the entire process can become disheartening.

But I urge you to remember a founding principal of America: It’s your government. This system can only go as far as the voter allows. We do not live in a “pure” Democracy, we live in a “voters” Democracy.

The majority of the population holds no power during elections, only the majority of voters; those who are registered and make it to the ballot. By not participating you are damned to live under a system in which you have no voice. By not voting you empower those who oppose your progress even further.


I’ve heard countless callers on my show exclaim that they do not believe in our government. According to them, this system is a failure and they will no longer participate as a voter.

NOT SMART! Our government is the only game in town. We don’t have the luxury of choosing an alternate government. You pay taxes that fund this ENTIRE system! Your belief in the system is not required.

Those who came before us were injured – and some died – so we can have this sacred right.

They did not believe in the system either. These same individuals also believed the rule of law and government policy failed them daily. Instead of refusing to participate, they utilized the power of organizing and increased our access to America’s political realm.

If we continue to follow the blueprint of our forefathers our access and influence to affect true change will grow expeditiously.

Divided we’re weak, but united we’re unstoppable!

Your VOTE is your VOICE – don’t let anyone shut you up!

Rashad Richey, CBS Local


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