Casting Call for 4/16–23

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Atlanta Film Office

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To submit yourself for these jobs, follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

Hylton Casting

“Being Mary Jane” (TV)
* Men/Women – Experienced Bartenders & Servers 21yrs & Over
* Hispanic Men & Women – Upscale Latin Restaurant scene 21yrs & Over
* Men/Women – Nice Wardrobe for Upscale Party      (All Ethnicities) 40 – 60yrs
* Put “Role you’re submitting for” in subject line

CL Casting

“Walk In the Woods” (Film)
(Starring: Robert Redford, Nick Nolte)
* AA Female w/TV Floor Mgr. experience (Featured Role – shoots 4/23/14)   21yrs & Over
* Put “TV Floor Manager” in subject line

“Goosebumps” (Film)
(Starring: Jack Black)
* Men/Women – High School kids 18 – 20 yrs
* Men/Women – Mime Artist 18yrs & Over
* Men/Women – Living Statue Artist 18yrs & Over
* Put “HS kid, Mime, Statue” in subject line

Marinella – Hume Casting

“Drop Dead Diva” (TV)
* Men/Women – Real Tournament level “Poker Players” (All Ethnicities) – 21yrs & Over
* Men/Women Protesters – Blue Collar types w/Unique face/body types – 21yrs & Over
* Upscale Cars – BMW, Porsche, Bentley, Etc.
* Put “Poker, Protester, Car” in subject line

“The New Stage 54 Casting Lounge”
* Every Thursday Night in April / An Open Call for All Marinella Hume Projects
* Wyndham Peachtree Hotel, 2443 Hwy 54 west, Peachtree City 21yrs & Over
* Eat, Drink, Be Seen, Get Cast! 21yrs & Over

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