Too Much Truth – A Young Soilder’s Testimony

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DB with Willie and Cordetta
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Today on Too Much Truth, DB get the inside story by talking to Willie Myrick and his Godmother Codetta. Willie is known as the 9-year-old boy who was abducted from his home. After riding around with his abductor for three hours, he was finally released in East Point, leading him to call for help from a resident near by. Luckily he was brought back home safely to his family, and here today to tell his testimony. If you missed it, you missed a great show. DB asked all of the bone chilling questions that made you want to hold on to your children tighter. Check out what this young man said when he was asked what he as doing in the back seat. His story was so touching, it may even make you cry.

DB with Willie and cordetta and family

DB with Willie, Codetta and family

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