Denny McClain: “The Game Has Gotten Down To Balls And Strikes Today”

Denny McClain, former Detroit Tigers and Atlanta Braves pitcher, joined the show. He spoke on losing 164 lbs, but said his original weight was “CIA Confidential”. He attributed that his addiction to Diet Dr.Pepper was part of his problem and the he had” four days of withdraws” after he gave up the drink.

McClain shared that he had to make a choice to help take care of his wife with Parkinson’s or leave her alone. He had the surgery that week.

Denny McClain, who spent he last MLB years with the Atlanta Braves, shared that “Hank Aaron was very shy, but in the locker room, he was Hank”.

He also touched on the epidemic of pitchers going down with Tommy Johns surgery. He shared that people “are doing things with their elbows that are wrong”.


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