50 MPG. 

Fast and Furious? 

Of Course Not. 

Frugal, Functional and Funky?


The Prius C is Toyota’s smallest, least expensive and most economical hybrid.

You get four doors + a hatch in the rear…an attractive enough two-tone interior…and 50….yes….50+ MPG.

The Prius C’s main claim to fame is it’s mileage.   It’s rated at 53 city and 46 highway. You can expect a legit 45-55 MPG…with any kind of driving.   Highway….city….traffic jams…we always got an indicated 45-55 MPG.   Traffic jams may bother you, but not the Prius C. The engine shuts off when stopped. You’ll usually just inch along using battery-only power.

Like most hybrids today, the Pruis C has a small 4-cylinder gas engine and a battery assist….all coupled to a “shiftless’ continuously variable transmission.

No…it’s not fast.   Nor does it have a sporty suspension or handling.

But you didn’t expect that for a car delivering 50+ MPG for less than 25K, did you?

Still, the Prius C can haul.   A couple weeks’ worth of groceries from Trader Joe’s…or a month’s salary’s worth of shopping bags from the mall….thanks to it’s 5-door hatch configuration.

Four passengers?   No problem.   Three kids in the rear?   Maybe…but not in car seats.

While I’d have no problem going cross-country in a Prius C, as it’s a little more quiet than you’d expect a small car to be, it’s in the city where this car really shines.

Small enough to park easily anywhere…with one flick of the wrist   No back-and-forth jockeying around that large SUV’s seem to require.

If you can find a base “One” level Prius C, you can get your 50 MPG for $19,940 including transportation. Another $950 will get you 60/40 split rear seats, a better sound system, and cruise control.   Add another $1,735 and you’ll have a push-button start, nav and Toyota’s Entune…plus you’ll be able to add a sunroof.

A range-topping “Four” adds 15” alloys, “soft-tex” eco-friendly heated seats, and heated power mirrors for another $1,595.

Get your Prius C in refrigerator white and you’ll blend in to any Whole Foods parking lot….or witness protection program.   Get it In Toyota’s new “Habanero” color and the Prius C has the perfect “sass” to stand out proudly for what it is….a multi-functional 50+ MPG vehicle…with a little attitude.

Oh….one more thing.   The Pruis C has top-rated 5-Star front, side and rollover crash ratings.   That’s something that you definitely don’t expect in a car of this size.

Well done, Toyota.



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