Casting Call for 4-2-14

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Atlanta Film Office

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To submit yourself for these jobs, follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

Marinella – Hume Casting

“Drop Dead Diva” (TV)
* Caucasian Men/Women – Trendy LA/Midtown Party types   21 – 35yrs
* Black Male w/Athletic body type (Portray Baliff)          25 – 35yrs
* Tall Attractive Redheaded Soccer Mom types           (5’7 & above) – 18yrs & Over

“Teen Male Singers Casting”
* Talented Boys who Sing & Dance 12 – 19yrs ONLY!
* Send links/demo’s of You/Your Group – Brief Bio – Current Pics (No hats or glasses)
* Record Deal, Network TV, 10 Grand Signing Bonus for each boy selected.

Hylton Casting

“Being Mary Jane” (TV)
* Blond Caucasian Baby w/Blue Eyes – 8 to 18 months old
* Men/Women – News Reporters, Producers, Camera Crew 30yrs & Over
* Put “Baby Andre or Newsroom” in subject line

CL Casting

“The Untitled Trilogy” (Film)
* Very Thin Men & Women (All Ethnicities) – 18yrs & Over
* To work: April 3rd, 10th, 11th, 14th
* Put “Very Thin” in Subject line.

Tammy Smith Casting

“The Originals” (TV)
* Caucasian Newborns – Singles, Twins, Triplets. (Girls Perferred)
* Put “Newborns” in subject line.

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