Too Much Truth- Hoarder Dies In His Own Mess

.A 67-year-old Texas man was found dead under piles of his own junk in his own home. Skip Bynum’s home was stuffed with so much garbage that it took police five days to find him. A search dog found the body days after a cleanup crew was hired by the city to clear the home.

Hoarding is mental disorder and a serious condition that tons of people suffer from. Stacked trash, clothes, appliances, food and other junk are some of the things people collect and keep in their homes. A caller from Atlanta spoke about a neighbor of his that he helped move some things in her home. He was terrified when he realized that she had non-working toilets lined up against her wall, doll collections, card collections, and lines of refrigerators and freezers inside her home. Are you a hoarder? Or are you on the opposite side of the spectrum as a neat freak? Why do people hoard possessions until they can no longer use their home?

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