ROCHELLE, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – It’s been 60 years since the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Brown v. Board of Education, but a Georgia high school just held it’s first official racially integrated prom Saturday.

Wilcox High School has held two proms each year, one for black students and one for white students. The school district refused to officially sponsor one prom for everyone until the school made national headlines last year because of four students who organized an unofficial integrated prom.

“Love really has no color, and I want everybody to know that if you stand up for something you believe in only positive things can come from it,” Mareshia Rucker, a 2013 prom organizer told WMAZ-TV last year.

This past weekend the high school held its first official racially integrated prom. An organizer from last year’s unofficial prom protested going to either proms because she wanted to be with everyone.

“No, I’m not going to and all-white prom and I’m not going to go with somebody to an all-black prom, it’s just not going to happen,”‘ one student, a white girl with a black prom date, told WMAZ-TV last year.

In the past, parents have organized separate, segregated dances for the students at Wilcox High School and the school district didn’t want to get involved.



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