WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE? As tensions increase with the Russia / Ukraine saga we find ourselves in the midst of a diplomatic and possible military quandry. Russia is promising not to invade Ukraine, but I truly don’t buy it especially as Russian troops mass along its border. This is a textbook “grab for power” by a world power.  Despite recent assurances from Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu that Russia would not invade, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Tuesday that “they (the Russians) continue to build up their forces”.

Domestically we have a bigger issue. If we involve the US Military where does it stop? How do we decide which countries deserve our protections and which do not? These questions become harder to answer every year as we involve ourselves and our troops in more and more world affairs with ambiguous goals. We are already stretched with military activity around the globe and looming mandatory budget cuts to our Department of Defense which will ultimately shrink our military over the next 5 years.  Vladimir Putin has been aggressive in his leadership style and generally not trusted amongst world leaders. In short, the guy is unpredictable. I agree we cannot afford to allow him to become a world tyrant and must keep diplomatic pressure high. The use of our troops is a premature proposal at this time.

I say for now,  let’s focus on the “homefront” and get Americans back to work with livable wages, insure woman can make just as much as their male counterparts for doing the same job and work together as a country so affordable healthcare can become a reality to us all. The attention we sometimes give to international issues trump our domestic failures. Let’s not allow media talking heads to get us off message. Our local issues should be front and center of our national conversation as we strive for a better world society.

Just my opinion, what’s yours?


-Rashad Richey


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