Dylan Hoyt and Grim from onlyjays.com: “No Ill Will Towards Roddy White”

Jason and Randy talk with Dylan Hoyt and Grim from Onlyjays.com about Dylan’s bet with Roddy White.

Dylan says he has “no ill will towards Roddy White”.

Grim from Onlyjays.com discussed how and why they got involved in this with Dylan and issued another challenge to the Falcons.

Jason questions if there is more to this than Grim is saying and questions the authenticity of Grim and onlyjays.com actions.

I personally think this is not only great publicity, but a wonderful gesture! There are still good people among us!

Because of his kindness Grim has earned my business! Onlyjays.com announced via twitter that the Atlanta Falcons have indeed contacted them!

Let’s watch this unfold!


Jason & Randy With Dylan Hoyt and Grim from onlyjays.com


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