During a commercial break on Tuesday, Randy pointed out the difference in Atlanta Hawks play-by-play announcer Steve Holman’s voice. So on during the 8 am hour on Wednesday, we proceeded to share those differences with our listeners. Word got back to Steve Holman and he responded to our radio bit! He shared that our findings were correct because he is a fan of the team so he’s happy with wins and sad with a loss.  Steve also mentions the brackets and how he knows nothing about the teams in this year’s tournament so he’ll allow his dog to pick his bracket this year!  He thinks college basketball is too slow and isn’t quality basketball.  Jason shared that he was hosting the halftime festivities  during the Hawks game vs The Pelicans this Friday and that Randy wanted him to stay away because of his “streak breaker” reputation that he’s earned! Steve told Randy “he needed to be more concerned with how Jason has ran off two host from the Morning Show” in his short time here!



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