Talk about having your cake and eating it too……………..

How’s just about every amenity ever invented + 31 mpg + zero to 60 in 5.6 seconds sound?

The GS is the “middle child” of the Lexus family….slotted between the ES and the LS.  Looking at the rear legroom, tho’, you’d be hard-pressed to not think that you were looking at the GS’ bigger brother.   There’s ample room in the GS for 5 to hit the road in comfort.

Now….speaking about comfort, Lexus seems to take comfort to a new level.

Sure, you’ve got all the wood and soft, perforated heated and cooled leather that you’d expect…plus a heated steering wheel….but on the GS 459h, the heated seats and wheel are automatic.   The GS senses when it’s cold enough to warrant a heated steering wheel and seats and automatically turns them on for you….and turns them off when fully warmed.  I tell ya’….it’s enough to spoil a guy!

But Lexus today is not just about comfort.  They’re solid performers, too….and that includes their hybrids.

Hybrids and “performance” didn’t used to go together, but that was then and this is now.   The GS 450h has a total of 338 HP….with most of those horses coming from a 3.5 liter V-6….and the rest from it’s nickel metal hydride battery.   As noted above, it’s enough to propel the GS from 0 to 60 in less than 6 seconds.    That’s stout.

The power flows thru a continuously-variable transmission….but one that’s programmed to mimic an 8-speed auto.  So when you stomp it, you get a “kick-down” feel….and you move out quite smartly.

All this and you’re still getting 29 city / 34 highway.   We averaged 31…and that was running in the “Sport” setting pretty much all the time.

New for ’14, the GS 450h has standard integrated Siri “Eyes-Free-Mode” from Apple…allowing you to place calls, select music, get turn-by-turn navigation and more.

And thanks to improving battery technology, the ‘14GS 450h has a decent trunk…bigger, in fact, than the previous generation non-hybrid GS.

So, what’s the tab for all  this goodness?   70k…..on the nose.   That’s almost exactly twice the sticker of the average vehicle today….but then, there’s nothing at all “average” about Lexus’ GS 450h.



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