The Crosstour is Honda’s version of BMW’s X6….a sleek, well-styled 5-door hatchback.

It’s within an inch or two of an Accord in all dimensions…and has Accord mechanicals underneath…but it has the utility of a rear hatch.

For some reason, America has yet to truly embrace hatchbacks…but they’re gaining…as people begin to appreciate their utility.  Hatchbacks allow you to just  “Throw and go”.   Active lifestyle?    The Crosstour can swallow a bicycle with the rear seats down….possibly two.

We had the opportunity to test a top of the line Crosstour that stickered a hair over 38k…..but it had absolutely everything….V-6….nav….heated leather….everything.

You can actually get a Crosstour for a little over $28,000.  It’ll have Honda’s 192 HP 4-cylinder and a 5-speed auto.

Kick in an extra $3,685 for an EX-L and you’ll get closer to “everything”.. Heated leather…bigger alloys, forward collision warning, lane departure, moonroof, dual zone climate control, an 8” screen with multi-angle rear view cam, Honda’s lane-watch (turn on your right-side blinker and a camera will show you a wide-angle view of the lane you’re about to merge into), meaty, leather-wrapped steering wheel, 360-watt sound and more.  It’s $3,685 well-spent.

Honda’s 278 HP V-6  and 6-speed auto will run a few thousand more…but Honda does special things with it’s V-6.   It comes with cylinder management technology….giving you all 6 cylinders when needed, then running on only three when cruising…resulting in a beautiful blend of power and economy.

With the 6,  our Crosstour was rated at 19 city and 28 highway….on regular.    We averaged around 24 in a typical commute.

The Crosstour is a solid performer….especially with the V-6.   It’s got good “grunt” and handles well.    With the underpinnings of an Accord, but the utility of a big hatch, the Crosstour makes an excellent “all-occasion” vehicle.




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