Thank You For One Hell Of A Streak Kyle Korver

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(Credit: Cameron Browne/NBAE via Getty Images)

(Credit: Cameron Browne/NBAE via Getty Images)

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By Rob Hamilton / 92-9 The Game / CBS Sports Atlanta

So Kyle Korver’s NBA Record breaking streak of consecutive games with a three pointer came to an end this week.

We all knew it had to happen. And honestly it didn’t really matter anymore when that time was going to come.

Kyle is so far ahead of the number two guy on that list, currently Steph Curry at 78, that he most likely won’t be caught.

Think about this way, this streak of games started back in President Obama’s first term. The 2012 election hasn’t even been held yet, it was two days away.

Nov 4th, 2012.

That was the date Kyle Korver hit that first three pointer in a Hawks win over Oklahoma City.

That’s a season and a half ago.

My wife had just told me that we were pregnant with our first child. Our son Liam was born in May. He’s now almost walking on his own. We incubated, delivered and raised a small human being into a mobile person in a shorter amount of time than Kyle’s streak has been running.

We all remember back in December of 2013, on the 6th, when Kyle broke the previous record of 89 games. But did we ever think it would get to 127? I think we were hoping for 100. Once it passed that, everyone just thought the rest of this is gravy.

We thank you Kyle Korver.

Thank you for a year and a half of great, record breaking, exciting basketball.

Here’s to a NEW Streak! We’ll be keeping #kylestreak alive.

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