Today on Too much Truth the question, What is the biggest lie told about Blacks and Black America? As dozens of answers were given, some listeners said that the greatest lies were: most African-Americans receive food stamps, use drugs, are lazy and do not work, the White man went to Africa and named the people black people because their skin was black, and that Africans are not universal donors and most likely are recipients.  So as you can see, this very important question matters in today’s society.

DB also asked his listeners to participate in the S and I line is a game. These two letters are separated by a line with the “S” meaning superior being on top, and the “I” meaning inferior is at the bottom. Words are thrown out and you put the word next to either the “S” or the “I.” Some examples were black or white, young or elderly, college educated or not college educated, rich or poor, you get the picture. If you did not get to participate, make sure you try it tonight with your children and love one’s to see what they believe about our society.

If you missed today’s show, click on the links below.


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