V-6 Power, 4-cylinder economy + luxury

Honda pretty much has all the bases covered with their new Accord sedans….and the “Touring V-6” is the all-star of their lineup.

Accords start in the low 20’s for an “LX” model….with either a 6-speed stick or a continuously variable automatic hooked up to an excellent 2.4 liter 185 hp four cylinder rated at 27 city and 36 mpg highway.

You’ll be in the mid-twenties for an “EX” model with bigger alloys, moonroof, lane-watch, and better sound…..and high-twenties will get you pretty much everything….an “EX-L” with heated leather, 10-way power seats with power lumbar, forward collision-warning, a multi-angle backup cam, a 360watt sound system upgrade and more.

So….what’s missing?

Go for the “Touring” and you get Honda’s 278 HP, 3.5 liter V-6 with variable cylinder management….giving you the power of a strong V-6 and the economy of a four.

Honda’s V-6 is rated at 21 city and 34 highway….just two highway mpg short of their four cylinder.    It’s the variable cylinder management that does it.   Under steady highway cruising you’re running on only 3 of its 6 cylinders….and you’ll never feel the cylinders cutting on or off.

Instead, you just get all the power that you need when you need it….and big mpg numbers when you don’t.

We took the Accord Touring on the road and got between 34 and 35+ MPG….and that was going with the flow of traffic….5-10 mph over suggested speed limits.  And we’re talkin’ regular gas, too.

One other thing that you get with the V-6 is a conventional 6-speed automatic instead of a CVT….allowing you to feel the one or two gear “kick” under acceleration.

About the only thing that this little jewel was missing was a heated steering wheel, a pass-thru feature between the trunk and the back seat, and a manual tuning knob for the radio.   And hey….everyone seems to be going to screens for their radio controls…..I’m not picking on just you, Honda.

Our top-of-the-line “Touring” stickered at a hair over $34,000….just a little over the average price for a new vehicle today…and getting close to entry-level Mercedes and Lexus pricing.  That said, the Accord Touring need make no apologies for it’s window sticker.

It’s luxurious and a delight to drive.   Quiet, well-poised, comfortable, economical…with ample room for five and a large trunk, too.  It’s got more than enough suspension and brakes to handle it’s 278 HP.    Plus you get high-mileage and a big 17 gallon gas tank to enable 500+ miles on the road before filling up.

One appreciated breakthrough feature?   Honda’s “Lanewatch”.   There’s a camera in the passenger-side rear view mirror.   Hit your right turn signal and your in-dash screen will show you an expansive wide-angle view of traffic to your right….way better and safer than the mirror alone.    Some day all cars will probably have these.    Today Honda stands alone.

If you’ve still got a little bit of “old-school” in you….if you still love to “go” when you mash the pedal, but you like passing those gas stations, too…Honda’s V-6 can give you the best of both worlds!DSCN5602DSCN5603DSCN5604DSCN5605DSCN5600DSCN5601


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