Too Much Truth – Falcon Stadium Lawsuit

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Recently in the news, the residents of Vine City have decided to take a stand against the new developments of the Falcon Stadium. They have  noticed some new changes that are developing in the area. Changes that they did not approve of.  One of the changes was the blocking of Martin Luther King Street.  They have also voiced their concerns about the funding to build the new stadium. Where is the money really coming from? So in order for their voices to be heard, a few local residents have decided to file a motion to challenge the use of at least $200 million in public funding for the proposed Atlanta Falcons stadium.

In the studio today, DB was joined by Rev. Motley, William Perry from Common Cause and Rev. W. Cotrell. They have the inside scoop on what is really going on with the lawsuit and negotiations on the future of Vine City. To hear what you missed, click on the clips below.

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